Top 5 Reasons an MBA is a Bad Investment | BNET

For years, an MBA degree has been seen as a first-class ticket to the management fast track. People spend $100,000 (or more!) to earn the degree, confident that it will propel their career into overdrive.

Even so, the once-golden MBA is quickly losing its luster.   Let’s face it: the degree has been WAY over-hyped, MBA curricula are out of touch with real-world demands, and many programs have a culture that fosters some awful management habits.

With that in mind, here are the top five reasons your MBA may not be worth the money you’ll pay for it.

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Illustrations by Sergey Oganesov

Ouch!! Sometimes the truth hurts. Having watched my college-age children experience the pain of 6-figure debt, I definitely share the opinion that “old-school” degrees are truly living up to their name: antiquated, outdated, and over-rated.

Could this be the end of higher education as we know it? Food for thought, as you ponder this article from BNET.

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